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A new fitness class in town...

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Hey everyone and welcome to Energise With Laura, introducing a new type of fitness class for all abilities with your health and wellbeing at the very core of it! At Energise with Laura we teach a DDP Yoga workout which combines strength training and yoga positions to give you an optimum workout stretching and strengthening every muscle in your body without putting your body through any stress or strain. The benefits of this workout will be:

- Increased flexibility - improving your spinal health, preventing you from getting back injuries and increased circulation around your body improving your overall health and durability allowing you have a better recovery from injuries.

- Increased weight loss - during your workout you will be taught how to workout within your optimum fat burning zone allowing you to train your body to use fat for fuel which will also work towards increasing your endurance levels giving you more energy to live a more active lifestyle.

These are just some of the physical benefits you will see from this workout however if you practise regularly you will begin to feel more focussed, calm and mindful as a lot of the exercises require a lot of concentration and being in the moment.

If you have exhausted all other ways of keeping fit and have been getting nowhere in terms of results then it is time to give one of our DDP Yoga workouts a try! You will not regret it!

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