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5 life lessons I have learned from DDP Yoga...

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

DDP Yoga has become a big part of my life over the past 3 years, back when I first started practising with the first set of DVDs in 2017 never did I think it would impact my life in the way that it has. After 3 years I still enjoy my own practise as much as I enjoy creating and teaching workouts for others and when taking a moment to think about what I have learned from my experience of DDP Yoga so far it is amazing to see how much you can gain from introducing something new to your lifestyle. So let me share with you my top 5 lessons from DDP Yoga...


Discipline - when I first got the DDP Yoga DVD's they came along with a manual that had a 13 week plan to follow which had workouts in place which were progressive and it was marked down what workouts to do on what day. This initial discipline was key to me following the program, I noticed that if something was written down that meant I had to do it, skiving was not an option! The initial 13 week program is perfect because once you complete 13 weeks of DDP Yoga it becomes less about discipline and more of a positive habit that you have created, and the progress that you make within the first 13 weeks makes you keen to keep going!


Consistency - being consistent with my DDP Yoga practise is another really important lesson I have learned, showing up each day to practise is the only reason I have been able to get results and improve my strength, balance and flexibility - this does not happen over night and its all down to the time and effort that you put in consistently. Over the years there have been times where my routine has changed and I've not managed to get as much practise in and I can feel the difference in my body, and we will all go through times where it is difficult to be consistent but the key is to not be hard on yourself and get back to it when the timing is right for you, don't give up!


Working towards Long Term Goals - This works much better than working towards a quick fix, I believe that DDP Yoga will help me to live a healthier life, keeping my body more resilient and mobile as I get older this gives me purpose and focus to continue my practise. In the same way we plan for our retirement by putting money away each month we should take the same approach with our health and wellbeing and put in the effort now so that we can look forward to a healthy future.


Self Belief - before starting DDP Yoga I had stories in my mind that I believed about what I could and couldn't do. For example I did not think I would ever be able to do a handstand but DDP Yoga has shown me that anything can be possible if we put the effort in. We all have these things that we grow up believing for whatever reason but trying something new and learning new skills is the first step to knocking those old beliefs out the way and making way for new beliefs.


Contribution - This is the most recent lesson I have learned through my DDP Yoga experience as it has only occurred since I took the leap to learn to become an instructor. This has allowed me to share my new set of skills with others and not only has it been enjoyable it also feels so rewarding to be a part of other people's journey's in health and wellness and see the joy they get out of classes. This now adds a whole new meaning to what I do and gives me the enthusiasm and motivation to keep practising and keep creating so I can continue to inspire others to get involved and work towards their goals.

Whatever it is you want to do or achieve in life, whether it is to become an artist, a writer, a mathematician, an inventor, an athlete, a musician, a millionaire or to learn a new skill... the list of possibilities are endless but whatever it is if you apply these 5 life lessons to keep you on track - the discipline and the consistency to get you practising, the long term goals to give you that focus, the self belief to keep you going when you hit those hurdles, then eventually that idea that keeps popping into your head will soon become a reality for you and you will not want to keep that success to yourself which is where your contribution will help to inspire others!

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