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About DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga was originally created to help people with injuries rehabilitate their bodies allowing them to build up their strength doing a workout which they can adapt to suit their own level. Since then it has not only helped thousands of people to heal and repair their bodies, it has also helped to transform peoples lives tackling weight-loss, chronic pain, depression and many other conditions that hold us back from living the life we want. 


DDP Yoga is a workout that combines the very best yoga positions, calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy and dynamic resistance to get your full body moving, while stretching and strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons.


DDP Yoga gives you a cardio workout, while strengthening your core muscles and giving you increased flexibility with minimal impact on your joints.

This workout will bring out your inner and outer strength as you will be taught to focus on the muscles and body parts that you are  engaging to get the most out of your workout. 


It allows you to workout at your own ability as you will be taught how to modify positions to make the workout your own. 

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